Letters to the Editor Week of 8/03/20

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Speech under attack
To the editor: Freedom of speech is under attack in our country. There is a movement to destroy those who don't agree with you...sometimes literally if you watch the news. We are no longer teaching our children there is value in listening to another point of view. This movement wants to make anyone who doesn't agree with you your enemy.
The days of grabbing a poster board at your local grocery store to make a sign to carry at a peaceful march, seem to be over shadowed by some choosing lawlessness.
It is key we don't forget teaching the value of life, respecting another’s belongings, that there are avenues to peacefully seek change. For those of us who try to provide this guidance for our own children, this seems like a very scary and dangerous change in our country. Is this the country we want for our children and grandchildren?
Kim Kraemer
Oak Harbor

Transparency needed
To the editor: Thank you to our Ohio legislators who have joined in a bipartisan effort to increase transparency in Ohio’s campaign finance laws (HB 373). This is a necessary, but not sufficient, effort to control the influence of hidden and unlimited money in elections and policy decisions. We also need a constitutional amendment passed by Congress and ratified by the states.
Long before the corruption scandal exploded in the Ohio House, two local candidates, Alexis Miller (House candidate, OH-89) and Joel O’Dorisio (Senate candidate, OH-2) publicly supported the American Promise goal of a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.
Alexis Miller and Joel O’Dorisio are ethical candidates who recognize the negative impact of money on the relationship between candidates and voters. They will listen to us, not special interests.
When you vote in the Nov. 3 election, select candidates who have the interests of their constituents first rather allegiance to a political action committee.
Ellen Greene Bush
American Promise Ohio


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