Letters to the Editor Week of 7/06/20

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Asset to community
To the editor: I am writing to applaud my State Representative, Haraz Ghanbari, for his poise and concern for our district over the last several months.
In a time of uncertainty and constantly-changing regulation, he has remained a thoughtful and even-keeled civil servant. In the last three months, Rep. Ghanbari has been filling in gaps and breaking up logjams to help the citizens of Wood County deal with the effects of COVID-19.
At the commencement of the pandemic, he drove to the Emergency Management Agency to secure a $22,000 shipment of food for the Wood County Committee on Aging. He secured additional coronavirus
test kits from the Ohio Health Department when cases spiked in Perrysburg long-term care facilities.
He has personally picked up the phone to help individuals with unemployment benefits, and facilitated walk up meals for truck drivers when restaurants closed.
To help travelers and the local economy, Rep. Ghanbari worked with ODOT to get food trucks at
rest stops. He stood up for small business to open when their larger competitors were given a green light.
Whether it is working with agencies and elected officials to craft meaningful legislation, or rolling up his sleeves to get the job done, Rep. Haraz Ghanbari has proven himself to be an asset to his Wood County constituents and the people of Ohio.
Brian Myers


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