Letters to the Editor Week of 4/13/20

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Park District
stresses safety
To the editor: Gov. Mike DeWine has stated that parks remaining open are important as an outlet to allow citizens the opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise during this time.
We consider our parks to be essential infrastructure and we consider select staffing an essential government function as defined in the Ohio Director of Health’s stay at home order.
As Northwest Ohio has had the return of spring weather, Park District staff have numerous essential responsibilities that need to be performed. Park District department heads have established lists of responsibilities that have been deemed essential tasks which must be completed in order to keep the parks safe and accessible for public use. Staff will be limited to performing only those tasks that are deemed essential during this time.
It is important to stress a number of items included in the order of the Director of Health. First and foremost, park visitors as well as Park District employees must comply with social distancing requirements. In order to keep parks open and accessible for public use, people need to make sure they are keeping a minimum of six feet between themselves and others.
Park District staff has also been alerted to refrain from entering normal shared areas such as lunchrooms and shared offices, keeping all activities in areas that are large enough to meet social distancing requirements. Frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer is required as possible. Any sick employees are to stay home and notify their supervisor. Employees are to remain home until they are free of fever without the use of medication for at least 72 hours and symptoms have improved for at least 72 hours and at least seven days have passed since symptoms first began.
Please abide by the safe distancing guidelines and enjoy your time in your Wood County parks.
Neil A. Munger
Director, Wood County Park District

A show of support
To the editor: During this time of uncertainty and anxiety, I am asking people to join me in turning on their porch lights at night. Let's do this in support and appreciation of Gov. Mike DeWine, Dr. Amy Acton, and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted for their leadership during this time.
I ask you to turn them on for all of our medical personnel and first responders who are putting themselves in danger to take care of us, as well as for all the people who are still working to make sure we have our needs met. I am also urging people to follow the guidelines to stop the spread of this virus, so we can return to normal as soon as the experts tell us we are safe to do so.
Each one of us has to do our part, not only to protect ourselves, but to protect everyone else, especially the ones we love. So, join me Ohio in turning on your porch lights in support and appreciation and to say, together we can we will.
Kim Kruse


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