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Goal surpassed
To the editor: It is this time of year that I, with an overflowing heart, report on the success of The Salvation Army – Port Clinton Service Unit’s 2019 holiday season programs.
Each day, as we hear in the news in our own community, there are events happening that have a way of putting life’s perspectives in order. Words cannot describe the pride and admiration I feel living in Ottawa County when I am blessed to have the opportunity to recount numerous interactions I have with both those in need and those who donate. It is because of the caring and generous residents in our County that I am able to report that, not only did we meet our goal of $67,000 Red Kettle Goal, but we surpassed it this year by raising $69,169.47. We have also exceeded our giving capacity in so many extra ways!! Besides the $69,169.47 we raised in the Red Kettles alone, the countless toys, bikes, coats, hats, gloves, socks, boots, pajamas and mittens that were donated this year, far surpassed previous years.
This is not only amazing, but is another record for The Salvation Army Christmas Campaign in Ottawa County.
If not for our 518 volunteers and their 1,753 hours of bell ringing, collecting, sorting and distributing toys, our Red Kettle sites; Walmart, Kroger’s, Friendship Food Store, Millers Market and Community Market in Oak Harbor, this would not have been possible! We also were able to distribute over 7,800 toys to over 1,240 children along with over 900 hats, gloves, mittens, pajamas, coats, socks and finally, raise $14,778 at our 16th Annual Tree A Rama Charity Auction!
This success is made possible by the multitude of volunteers and community supporters in Ottawa County that come together, during this Season, this short period of 38 days by putting others first and “Make a Difference” in our Community and ultimately in our World. “The World is changed by your Example, not by Your Opinion” is our motto!!
It is, indubitably, an honor to be able to say I work and live in Ottawa County and able to serve those in need through The Salvation Army Port Clinton Service Unit. I am truly blessed - and tired.
Maureen M. Saponari
The Salvation Army – Port Clinton Service Unit
Serving Ottawa County

Unfit for office
To the editor: I recently read two letters in The Press regarding Donald Trump. I disagree with their opinions of this man. Donald Trump is the most unfit, immoral and pathetic president we have had in more than 100 years.
He lies every day to the American people and is too close to dictators, especially Putin in Russia. He respects dictators more than our FBI and CIA. He calls them scum. Also, he used the words fake news to run down the media. He does not respect the Constitution. He thinks he is above the law.
Republicans have tried to stop some of his tweeting and calling people names but he does not listen. He is nothing more than a bully with a big mouth. Republicans know this is true but stand by him to protect the party and their jobs. He is dooming the Republican Party. Senator Mitch McConnell is trying to save him.
I have talked and sent emails to the Republican Party for years. They should replace him and put Mike Pence in. Why some Christians are backing this horrible man I cannot understand. This man should be impeached or forced out of office. He is unfit to be president.
North Korea is testing missiles and nuclear bombs along with China. Our president is not worried about it. I agree with this impeachment. If there is enough pressure put on him, he may resign and take his pathetic family with him.
There are many people on both sides in Washington that go along with what I have said. All of us in American need to wake up. This president has not made America great, he has divided this county. Some of you may disagree with what I said, but most Americans with an open mind should agree.
Ernie Frohlich

Here to help
To the editor: The Elmore unit of the Salvation Army wishes to thank the Elmore Kiwanis, Richard Harman, of Woodville, and all the volunteers for faithfully standing by our kettles this holiday season.
We collected $6,624 from the Elmore and Woodville communities.
This year we disbursed $4,423 to our friends in need.
Persons with a need for assistance should contact Sharon Arndt. We are here to help you.
A special thanks to all who donated money and bought gifts from the Angel trees that were in the Woodville and Elmore libraries and to Sharon and her “elves” who wrapped the gifts. This year our trees served 16 families, including 45 children.

Janice Netcher

Listen to Hightower
To the editor: Although I applaud your efforts to present differing points of view in your guest editorial columns, one really should first check the author’s biography to determine who is really being fair. Janet Trautwein, CEO of the National Association of Health Underwriters, provided the opinion piece advocating for the status quo relating to private health insurance providers in the U.S. and defending their efforts to decrease the number of Americans receiving health care benefits. On the other hand, Jim Hightower advocated for universal health care but his bio was suspiciously brief. Yes, he is a writer, radio commentator and public speaker. But he is also a former Texas state lawmaker and a driving force behind this country’s efforts to enact a health care system that is fair and accessible to all. I encourage all your readers to check out The Hightower Lowdown newsletter he distributes monthly in order to get
a clearer picture of the argument for universal health care.
Linda Detrick-Jaegly

Somber anniversary
To the editor: Jan. 21, 2020 is the 10th anniversary of the Citizens United vs F.E.C, (Federal Elections Commission) ruling of the Supreme Court which stated that corporations have equal rights with individual citizens when contributing money to election campaigns, lobbying for favored status and in freedom of speech . Many people and some legislators believe the current polarization of our country can be attributed to the Citizens United ruling which enabled corporations to be treated as persons.
Several presidential candidates are advocating for repeal of the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, seeing the damage this ruling has caused to the country and beyond. Private citizens cannot compete with wealthy corporations for the attention of our representatives who are being lobbied and continually beseeched for votes that in some way solve any problems the corporate world may have at the moment. In effect, your tax dollars are working for corporations. Our federal legislators know how disrupting the Citizens United decision is for the whole country, but are waiting for the public to take action.
So, ordinary citizens have no reason to celebrate this 10th anniversary, but we can use it to contact our representatives and urge them to take action against this most unfair 2010 ruling that has so damaged the fabric of America.
We will celebrate when Citizens United is overturned and the pay-to-play environment found in government extinguished. The 28th Amendment to the constitution would go a long way towards reclaiming the government imagined by the founders.
Carol Martin
Oak Harbor


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