Letters To The Editor 9/20/2021

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Outstanding band
To the editor: My wife Karen and I went to the Maumee Bay State Park Lighthouse Festival and we attended a concert by the Genoa American Legion Band.
The performance was outstanding and we enjoyed the variety of music the band played: big band, jazz, show tunes, and the tribute to the military, asking the audience members and veterans to stand as they played.
It was an hour of chair-rocking, toe-tapping music.
Thank you band members for an enjoyable afternoon.
Frank Brown

Solution to money
in politics is in
the Constitution
To the editor: Our nation recognizes Constitution Day on September 17. Our Constitution was designed with a brilliant strategy to ensure it would remain a living document able to grow along with our nation: the amendment process. Throughout our country’s history, the grassroots amendment process has allowed Americans to expand rights and freedoms to more people. It takes time and effort to pass an amendment, but it was the intent of our founders to ensure the power remains with the people.
The Constitution has been amended 27 times for important reasons. Now is one of those times. More than 80 percent of Americans of all political affiliations support a return to reasonable regulation of election financing. Constitution Day reminds us that there is a solution to the money in politics problem. An amendment to limit the influence of unlimited and hidden money in elections would ensure every American has a voice in the decisions that affect our lives—during these turbulent times and in the future.
The encouraging news is that the movement toward such an amendment is farther along than many realize; 22 states and more than 800 cities and towns have already called for it. Citizen leaders at American Promise, a national cross-partisan nonprofit, are working diligently to win such an amendment.
Here in Ohio we have experienced first-hand the consequences of political corruption through a pay-to-play scheme. Find out how to support constitutional reform at americanpromise.net.
Ellen Greene Bush
Port Clinton
American Promise Ohio


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