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Taxpayer woes
To the editor: Do you ever wonder why the American taxpayer chooses to pay a president who is no longer in office?
The taxpayers didn’t get to vote for this. The big boys voted this act into law to help themselves.
This is one reason why so many non-working politicians would die for the job. It’s everlasting and has no grade card. Do whatever you want, when you want. Answer to no one. Nice job if you can get it.
We teach our children if they do a good job in whatever they do it should be rewarded.
If a president does a bad job in office should not he be reprimanded? Not in America.
Our president acts as if money is not a problem to come by. Just print more. He has sent billions to Ukraine for supplies and weapons, not even asking the working men and women who pay all the federal bills and the paychecks of federal, state, and local public employees.
Remember the government doesn’t make any goods to make a profit or to help pay the bill.
Larry Erard

Facts over feelings
To the editor: I am an Oregon citizen who is not running for office, but would like to state some facts to some misleading information. Oregon City Council is not responsible for the Oregon 9-1-1 consolidation. The buck stopped with Lucas County, Toledo, and Sylvania Township.
Also, the short version of a wetland is a place where the land is covered by water seasonally or permanently and, in some cases, is connected to navigable waters. Also, lithium battery manufacturing processes may produce water emissions, air emissions, and solid waste subject to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations under the Clean Water Act.
Thankfully, Oregon residents are not governed by eminent domain. On another note I personally have no problem with newbies on council or incumbents as long as decisions are followed by the law. Freedom of speech is a great freedom in America, but the fact is it's impossible to please every citizen. I continually hear, in federal and local government, "we need a change" but nobody states what that change is. Feelings, opinions, and speculations don't matter. Facts matter.
Laurie Bahnsen
Oregon, Ohio


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