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Honor the wishes
of the people
To the editor: I am greatly opposed to the proposed industrial park. I feel like the mayor and city council are trying to pull the wool over the citizens of Oregon’s eyes and are bullying us. They are threatening us that city services will be cut if we do not accept this.
How about we use the money from the “downtown” project at the old Kmart site to fund city services?
Those of us who live in the more rural part of Oregon do not want to look at this industrial park.
Would any of them like this in their backyard?
It is ironic that in an effort to build car batteries to make the country more “green,” they will be
destroying the landscape of Oregon and acres and acres of green space in the process and have a pollution-producing factory?
This does not make any sense to me at all! Once it is destroyed, it can never, ever go back to what it is now.
Driving around Oregon, I see hundreds of “Save our Wetlands” signs, I have yet to see one that says: “Please bring us a wetland-destroying, pollution-producing, ugly industrial park.”
Please honor the wishes of the people that elected you.
Vicki Riley

Dumpsters an eyesore
To the editor: Many residents of Oregon and more specifically the area near the YMCA on Pickle Road, object to the placement of Lucas County Solid Waste Management placing eight large recycling dumpsters at the southwest corner of Pickle and the drive leading to the YMCA facility.
Not only are the dumpsters unsightly, they are attracting considerable garbage and trash that is dumped beside them.
Additionally, the noise generated when the containers are emptied greatly disturbs the peace and tranquility of the entire neighborhood, notwithstanding the amount of vehicular traffic by those dropping off their waste.
Moreover, with the large new apartment complex being constructed directly across Pickle Road, the quality of life for its residents will be affected as well.
This eyesore will also have a negative impact on property values. Whatever the city can do to alleviate this nuisance would be appreciated.
Rosalie Meyer

Protect wetlands
To the editor: I read the guest editorial on the wetlands in and around Oregon by Susan Orosz, Ph.D. and I think the city should listen to her.
I would think the wetlands should be protected by the city’s master plan.
Put the proposed battery plant on industrial-zoned land.
Oregon was stagnant for 20 years until Mike Beazley, city administrator, came to Oregon. It took me 11 years to get the Senior Center on Navarre Avenue. I had eight friends back me up and it finally happened. Someone at the Area Office on Aging told me, “The problem with Oregon is they think they own everything.”
It’s the property owners and taxpayers money.
Glenn Grisdale tried hard to plan with Oregon but he was not appreciated and now he is doing good things where the Woodville Mall sat.
Remember, our country is the land of the free because of the brave.
Doris Levy


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