Imagination Station offering virtual homeschool workshops

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        Imagination Station Toledo is offering monthly virtual homeschool workshops created for students in grades K-8.
The eight-session series, which runs October through May, will cover a variety of topics designed to encourage exploration and discovery, with a little bit of messy science along the way.
Sessions for ages 5-9 run from 10:30-11:30 a.m., while workshops for ages 10-13 run from 1:30-2:30 p.m.
        The workshop schedule includes:
        Oct. 7 – Earth Science
        Ages 5-9: Students will learn about this planet through soil exploration and wind investigation.
        Ages 10-13: Students will explore local land forms, build a paper mountain and erode away solid material to create glacial grooves.
        Nov. 4 - Weather/Seasons
        Ages: 5-9: Students will witness a cloud created before their eyes, discover the most extreme weather this planet has to offer and create their own weather-measuring instrument as they explore the fascinating and unpredictable world of weather.
        Ages 10-13: What makes the Great Lakes so unique? In this workshop students will learn astounding characteristics of the lakes and weather and water patterns.
        Dec. 2 – Energy
        Ages: 5-9: Students will create their own musical instrument and learn the science behind everyday noise and how our bodies interpret that noise.
        Ages 10-13: Students will explore the electrifying world of circuits as they learn about how energy is transferred through simple, series and parallel circuits. Then they will design their own light-up greeting card.
        Jan. 6, 2020 - Scratch Coding
        Ages: 5-9: Students will animate their own creative story with the power of coding.
        Ages: 10 -13: Using the MIT-created programming language, Scratch, students will learn the basics of coding and design and create their own video game.
        Feb. 3 - Matter & Chemistry
        Ages: 5-9: Students will pop off rockets and see water change from a liquid to a solid right in front of their eyes.
        Ages: 10-13: From polymers to giant batches of foam, students will learn the ins and outs of chemical reactions.
        March 3 - Ecosystems
        Ages: 5-9: In this workshop, Imagination Station’s extreme scientist will showcase some creepy, crawly critters and the habitats they need to survive.
        Ages: 10-13: Owl pellet dissections – no it’s not owl poop – it’s an owl pellet and what’s inside will uncover how different organisms interact with each other in the food web.
        April 7 - Life Science
        Ages: 5-9: Why do children look like their parents? It’s all because of genetics. In this virtual workshop, extreme scientists will start off by extracting the DNA from a strawberry to show students the raw material that makes up individual characteristics.
        Ages: 10-13: Learn all about how our binocular vision works through experimentation. Then watch live as an extreme scientist dissects a cow eye for a more detailed look at the various pieces that make up our vision.
        May 5 – Body Systems
        Ages: 5-9: The human body has many different systems. Students will discover how they work as they explore the digestive, circulatory and respiratory systems of the human body.
        Ages: 10-13: Shark dissections. Students will learn about this ferocious creature from the inside out.
        The fee for the series is $125 for Imagination Station members and $165 for non-members. The cost includes all supplies needed to participate in the eight workshops. Pick up materials at Imagination Station or add $20 at checkout to have the materials shipped.
        Space is limited to 15 children per session and reservations are required.
        Visit or call 419-244-2674 for more details.


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