This holiday season, invite a shelter dog for a “Sleep Rover”

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        This holiday season, the Wood County Humane Society (WCHS) is giving the public a chance to take shelter dogs on mini adventure through its “Sleep Rover” program.
        Participants can take a dog home for the night or a weekend and get to know them in a home environment.
               The Sleep Rover program was created in order to help reduce kennel stress, provide dogs with enrichment, increase their visibility in the community and provide valuable information to future adopters. Sleepovers are a great excuse to spend time doing something new or exploring the community.
        “Fostering is such a rewarding experience for both the foster person and the animal,” said Christa Franks, assistant shelter manager. “Similar programs at shelters across the country have been rolled out and have been very popular and successful. We are so excited to introduce this program to our community. It is a great opportunity to help the dogs and it also enables us to understand the dog better in a home environment.”
        The program was designed to make it quick and easy for the community to sign up and participate. Participants will be provided with everything they need for a successful sleepover. Individuals interested in the Sleep Rover program should email Franks at for more information and to sign up.
        Located in Bowling Green, the Wood County Humane Society is a private, non-profit, managed admission shelter providing care for homeless and abused or neglected pets. The organization receives no funding from national humane organizations for daily operations, instead relying on earned revenue and the generosity of individual donors and businesses to fund programs such as Humane Investigations, Safe Pets, food assistance programs, low-cost spay/neuter opportunities and educational presentations.
        The WCHS provides care for over a thousand animals each year—from dogs and cats, to the occasional pocket pet or farm animal. All animals admitted into the adoption program are housed and cared for as long as it takes to find their adoptive home.


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