Genoa Schools Scholarship Foundation celebrates 30 years

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        The Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, Inc. announced recipients of its scholarships at the high school’s 2021 Scholarship Foundation Awards Program, held May 21.
        The foundation offers scholarships to students graduating from Genoa Schools. Students interested in information on scholarships offered through this program should contact their school counselor or principal.
        Thirty years after the foundation was founded, it has changed from being Genoa’s “Best Kept Secret” to having more than $1.2 million in assets to assist students in furthering their education. 
        There are currently 44 individual scholarship funds that offered 59 scholarships in 2021. In addition, 15 scholarships were given by various individuals, businesses and organizations in conjunction with the Foundation.
        Scholarships offered range in value from $300 to $4,000. This year’s scholarship awards total more than $43,000.
        2021 scholarship recipients include:
        • Allen-Clay Joint Fire District Firefighter Associations Scholarship – Emily Dunlap, Veronica Lopez.
        • Helen Asmus Memorial Scholarship – Connor Brazelton, Sara Dembowski, Haley Hecklinger, Abigail Lesniewicz, Sara Partin.
        • Stella Bertz Scholarship – Veronica Lopez.
        • Doris Brossia Memorial Scholarship – Darin Muir.
        • Clay-Genoa High School Reunion Scholarship – AJ Rubeis.
        • Curtice Kidz/Allen Township Scholarship – Regan Nye.
        • Dehn Sisters Memorial Scholarship – Samantha Richards.
        • Envirosafe Scholarship – Ross Schlatter.
        • Timothy J. Fisher/Briana Bertok-Schack Memorial Science Scholarship – Fischer Bertok.
        • Foundation Scholarship Fund – Blaine Maluchnik, Timmy Mathews.
        • Bruce and Alyssa Gackstetter Memorial Scholarship – Kayla Knight.
        • Genoa Area Federation of Clubs - Tomme Bergman Memorial Scholarship – Drake Hamilton.
        • Genoa Area FFA Alumni Scholarship – Cole Nissen.
        • Genoa Area Music Boosters Scholarship – Samantha Richards.
        • Genoa Athletic Boosters Scholarship – Caitlin Cruickshank, Thomas Giles.
        • Genoa Elementary Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) Scholarship – Taylor Simmons.
        • Genoa Golf Scholarship – Liam Mazur.
        • Genoa Grange Scholarship – Olivia Wiciak.
        • Genoa Kiwanis Scholarship – Nathaniel Heinze, Regan Nye, Josephine Schwalbe.
        • Genoa National Honor Society Scholarship – Emma Gould.
        • Genoa Wrestling Scholarship – Thomas Giles.
        • Margaret “Peggy” Hebert Memorial Scholarship – Abigail Hines, Cecilia Lemons.
        • Lester M. Henningsen Scholarship – Jonah Goodrich.
        • Roger & M.C. Hesselbart Memorial Scholarship – Emily Dunlap.
        • Andrew Hirt Memorial Scholarship – Andrew Antry.
        • Jennifer L. Johnson Memorial Scholarship – AJ Rubeis.
        • Ryan Kimball Memorial Scholarship – Jacob Emerson.
        • “Papa Joe” McLear Memorial Scholarship – Samara Contos.
        • David K. Miller Memorial Scholarship – Ross Schlatter.
        • Edith C. Niehousmyer Scholarship – Samantha DeVerna.
        • Helen L. Niehousmyer Scholarship – Olivia DeVerna.
        • Irma Nolte Memorial Scholarship – Makenna Flores.
        • Curt Reinbolt Memorial Scholarship – Madelyn Coleman, Halanna Kwiatkowski.
        • Carol Scharer Scholarship –Tyson Lesher, Derek Rightnowar.
        • John F. Schultz Memorial Scholarship – Caitlin Cruickshank.
        • The Sheahan Family Scholarship – Emily Dunlap, Thomas Giles.
        • Siglar-Shessler Memorial Scholarship – Audrey Lind.
        • George Stuller Memorial Scholarship – Samara Contos, Darin Muir.
        • Marcia Tank Education Scholarship – Caitlin Cruickshank.
        • Marcia Tank Science/Engineering Scholarship – Brad Hanely.
        • Debra Sue Vine Memorial Scholarship – Veronica Lopez.
        • Wagner/Sondergeld Memorial Scholarship – Candace Lawson, Laney Reineck.
        • James Walton Scholarship – Kayla Knight.
        • Frances M. Weirich Memorial Scholarship – Makenna Flores.
                Additional local scholarships presented include:
        • Charles W. and Donna E. Foss Scholarship – Zack Buhrow, Liam Mazur, Josephine Schwalbe, Taylor Simmons.
        • Genoa Area Education Association (GAEA), Dave Miller Honorarium – Samantha Richards.
        • Genoa Area Education Association (GAEA) – Tyson Lesher.
        • GenoaBank – Cole Nissen, Olivia Wiciak.
        • Genoa Coterie Club – Angeleena Saint John.
        • Genoa Chamber of Commerce – Cole Leach, Regan Nye.
        • Jennifer K. Martin Scholarship of the Ottawa County Foundation (an affiliate of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation (GTCF) – Brad Hanely, Mack Jensen.
        • Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE) – AJ Rubeis.
        • Premier Bank – Makenna Flores.
        (These organizations/trusts are affiliated with the Genoa Area Local Schools Scholarship Foundation, but their scholarships are not funded by the Foundation.)
        Contributions to the various scholarship funds can be made through gifts, honorariums, memorials, wills, etc. Gifts of money or stock may be designated to create a new scholarship or to the principal of an existing scholarship fund.
        A gift of $100 or more (for an individual/couple) or $500 or more (for an organization/corporation) may be listed on the Scholarship Wall at the auditorium entrance in the high school. Contribution details are included in a Foundation brochure, which is available at the school office and at local Genoa banks, businesses and funeral homes.
        For more info on the program, email, visit, or contact one of the foundation trustees – Alan Brown, Diane Gerkensmeyer, Denise Hoyles, Mitchell Hoyles, Brian Huston or Christina Lewis.


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