Field trip encourages students to consider skilled trades careers

By Caitlin Willey, Window to Woodmore

        Teacher Chad Miller took his students to the Local 50 Pipefitters in Northwood to give them an idea of career options other than college.
        While at Local 50, the pipe­fitters showed students skills like plumb­ing, how commercial/industrial business­es use pipes and how to work on heating and air conditioning systems.
        Students learned a lot while on the field trip. “It really opened my eyes to the pay and benefits that a skilled trades job could bring in,” said se­nior Andrew Barringer.
        Miller feels strongly about giving stu­dents career options. “I want to show and expose students to other opportunities in the different skilled trades that are avail­able after high school,” he said.
        With a shortage in the skilled trades, especially with welders, he encourages his students to look at dif­ferent jobs available and learn about careers in the trades.
        Students can enter the workforce right after graduation. “There are always jobs available and workers needed in the skilled trades world,” said Miller. “Since all that's needed to go into this line of work is a high school diploma, college debt will never be an issue.”
        One way Miller provides his students more of an idea of the skilled trades and builds interest is by taking students on field trips.
         (Reprinted with permission from the November 2019 issue of Window To Woodmore)


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