Elmore: Zoning amendments to go to council

Larry Limpf

Proposed amendments to update zoning regulations covering alcohol production and short-term lodging in the Village of Elmore have been approved by the village planning commission.
The proposals will be on the agenda of village council’s Jan. 18 meeting, Mayor Rick Claar said last week.
With one member absent, the plan commission unanimously agreed to amend current ordinances by adding a definition pertaining to the production of beer, wine and liquor and adding conditional and permitted uses of their production in the general business district.
An amendment covering conditional and permitted uses for production in the central business district is also being proposed.
Mark Mulligan, village solicitor, told the commission the proposed amendments, if approved, would allow a total of six production establishments – three each in the central and general business districts.
The central business district extends from Harris Street to Clinton Street and Toledo Street to Maple Street.
Additional establishments would be subject to conditions imposed by the board of zoning appeals, he said.
Another proposal would amend ordinances to allow first-floor dwellings and hotel types of rentals in the central business district.
Mulligan noted a current long-term residential rental unit on the first floor of a building on Clinton Street is not allowed under current zoning regulations. Another Clinton Street property has been purchased recently possibly for development as an Airbnb or short-term rental unit.
Conditional use regulations would apply to the Clinton Street properties, he said.
Dave Hower, village/zoning administrator, said last month a local business owner, Ernest Scarano, has requested a zoning change to accommodate a small distillery.
Scarano has operated a distillery in the Fremont area and owns the Mantiques store on Rice Street in Elmore.


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