Dare to Live Without Limits 2/22/2021

Bryan Golden

Success or failure: The difference is a state of mind

What makes the difference between someone who is successful and a person who is not? Is it money, education, knowledge, intelligence, or skills? No, it’s something else. There are numerous examples of people becoming successful who had no money, little education, minimal knowledge, average intelligence, and few skills.
The difference between success and failure is mindset. Successful people have a different attitude than those who fail. This means that with the proper state of mind, anyone can follow the road to success.
This is great news because it means that anyone, at any time, regardless of past experiences or background, is free to chose success over failure. If you are not currently on a success track, you can decide today to change your direction.
Recognize the power of your attitude and thoughts. Believe the sky’s the limit. You can achieve anything you believe. If you believe something is possible, you are right. Your mindset programs your brain. Your actions are based on your thoughts.
Successful people visualize themselves as successful before they even start. So, think of yourself as successful, and as deserving success. Since willpower is a foundation of success, believing in your ability to succeed is an essential first step. Make a commitment to your success.
Focus like a laser beam on your success. Eliminate distractions along with unproductive tasks. Any dilution of your efforts detracts from goal achievement. A can-do, will-do spirit is virtually unstoppable.
Your success mindset includes the determination to find solutions for any problems, along with overcoming any obstacles encountered. Successful people are adept problem solvers. They understand that failure only occurs if they give up.
Part of a success mindset is radiating happiness and optimism despite any challenges you are facing. Optimism empowers you to find opportunities which otherwise would remain hidden. Optimism also keeps you moving forward if you stumble and fall.
Strive to create an unlimited, inspired, creative, and plentiful life. Don’t limit yourself with negative thoughts. Develop an attitude of abundance by being thankful for all you have right now.
Take full advantage of new opportunities. They identify possibilities you may not have been aware of. Success requires you to adapt to changing situations as needed. An open mind allows you to make needed adjustments as you progress.
Have a growth mindset where you strive to expand your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Success is enhanced through constant growth and learning. Knowledge expands your options. Seek to learn at least one new thing each week.
Leave your comfort zone. Reach out to create meaningful life experiences. Don’t allow fear to create roadblocks. Things that don’t work as planned are learning opportunities, not failure. Give yourself credit for any accomplishment, regardless of how small.
Keep your attitude positively charged by associating with other like-minded, success-oriented people. Don’t listen to naysayers. People without a success mindset tend to criticize those who have one.
Think before you speak or act. Have a long-term vision of where you want to go. Keep that picture in your mind. Success is intentional, not accidental. Have clear goals along with a workable plan. Activate your plan through action.
Don’t fear success. Never feel guilty for working toward, or achieving success. Success enriches your life while putting you in a position where you can guide others to their success. Life takes effort, regardless of whether you are succeeding or struggling. So, you may as well devote your energy to achieving success.
Chose a success mindset. Maintain a can-do attitude. Believe you will be successful. Focus on your desired goals. Motivate yourself with positive self-talk. Program your mind to never, ever give up.

NOW AVAILABLE: "Dare to Live Without Limits," the book. Visit www.BryanGolden.com or your bookstore. Bryan is a management consultant, motivational speaker, author, and adjunct professor. E-mail Bryan at bryan@columnist.com or write him c/o this paper.  2021 Bryan Golden


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