African Safari Wildlife Park debuts new exhibit for sacred ibis

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        African Safari Wildlife Park, located at 267 S. Lightner Rd. in Port Clinton, is celebrating the opening of a new exhibit featuring eight female sacred ibis.
        The birds can be seen daily in their new exhibit in the Park’s Walk-Thru Safari, which is included with general admission.
        The exhibit spans the length of the large pond in the center of the Walk-Thru Safari, by the Safari Café building and the African Crested Porcupine exhibit.
        “This exhibit for the sacred ibis has been one of our biggest projects yet,” said African Safari Director Kelsey Keller. “It has been so fulfilling for our animal care team to watch the birds explore their new exhibit - whether that’s hanging out on the perches high above the ground, wading in their pool, or flying.
        “We love watching our younger guests walk with the ibis as they fly from one end of the exhibit to the other,” Keller said. “We now have Eastern wild turkeys on display where the Ibis were prior to the new exhibit debut – be sure to swing by and say hi to all of the birds in the Walk-Thru Safari.”
        Sacred ibis are indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa and southeastern Iraq, favoring marshes and mudflats. They were formerly found in North Africa, where they were revered by ancient Egyptians as a connection to the Ibis-headed deity, Thoth.
        These birds are opportunistic feeders in their natural range, feasting on a variety of worms, insects, frogs and small mammals.
        Twenty-eight ibis species are found worldwide today. White ibis, white-faced ibis, and glossy ibis are occasionally spotted in Ohio as vagrants.
        Learn more about sacred ibis and other attractions at African Safari Wildlife Park by visiting
        African Safari Wildlife Park is currently celebrating its 53rd Season of operation. The park is open daily, rain or shine, 9 a.m.-7 p.m., with the last car admitted at 6 p.m. The Park is scheduled to close for the 2021 Season on Dec. 5.
        Follow African Safari Wildlife Park’s Facebook and Instagram for announcements about promotions, updates, and new exhibits.


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